Production of handles for AL, PVC and wooden doors is done on pressure casting tools of AL alloy SL-21 and serial production is in progress, so that the minimum stock is 1000 sets per a product. All tools are highly productive and the maximum production for all types of products ranges from 10000 to 100000 sets on a monthly basis. Products are plasticized and nickelled and can be ordered in all colours of the RAL colour palette.


-production of INOGAJ fittings for the SCHÜCO aluminium profiles, tilt-turn fitting
- AL door handle (2 handles with a spring and 2 key rosettes - where handles and rosettes are made of aluminium)
-PVC and wooden door handle (2 handles, 2 back plates, 2 screws-where handles and back plates are made of aluminium)
-Wooden door handle (2 handles, 2 back plates, 6 screws- where handles are made of aluminium and back plates of tin)


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