Company INOGAJ D.O.O. is located at the 20th km of the trunk road Kragujevac – Kraljevo, in Ravni Gaj, Knić Municipality. INOGAJ D.O.O. is the company established in 1996, aiming to deal with collecting and processing of secondary raw materials. The very name of the company IN-O indicates that it is the company to deal with IN - Industrial (industrijski), O – Waste (otpad).

The founder of the company is Miodrag Bugarčić, who after 7 years transferred the company 100% to his sons Živorad and Vladimir Bugarčić. Joint work leads to the company’s development and positive annual results. The company’s income is not taken up but stays in the company and development and acquisition of new assets start. By purchasing a truck crane, INOGAJ D.O.O. becomes a supplier of steel factories and foundries. Since the payment from steel factories has been mostly realized through compensation for the products of steel factories, we start trading in black metallurgy. In order to fulfil the assortment, in 2001, we start construction of a drawing plant for manufacturing light drawn steel. The facility for manufacturing light drawn steel was put into commission on 17 December 2002. The drawing plant capacity in two shifts is around 200 tones with the maximum number of employees. The idea to enrich secondary raw materials, i.e. to reach the final product by processing has been continued, so that in 2007 we have started conquering production of fittings for AL windows, i.e. for the SCHÜCO profile, as well as handle programme for AL, PVC and wooden doors.


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