Technical possibilities are production of light drawn steel and wire ranging from fi4 to fi35 mm, square steel and OK materials. All materials are chemically prepared, i.e. cleaned of deposits and corrosion, neutralized and only after that they are processed. After being chemically prepared, steel is drawn on a draw bench, cut in certain dimensions, and then straightened on a straightener, which, at the same time, oils and protects the material against corrosion. Steel is ideally straightened so that it can be processed in lathes and automatic machines. Advantage of this drawing plant is that smaller quantities can be completed, since the replacement of tools, i.e. matrixes is very fast.

Production of light drawn steel is conducted in a 600 sqm hall covered with a 5t crane. The production is conducted on the following machines:
- tipping machine for preparation of bars for drawing
- draw bench for drawing fi8 mm to fi35 mm material
- trimming tool that cuts off peaks of tipping and trims bars to a specific dimension
- machine for straightening and oiling of bars so that they could be processed on lathes and automatic machines
- line for drawing light drawn wire of fi4 to fi8
- automatic straightening and trimming machine that trims wire to a specific dimension

Apart from round light drawn steel, 6x6 to 20x20 quarters and all types of OK material of OK4 to OK27 are produced on these machines.

- light drawn steel ranging from fi4mm to fi35mm
- light drawn wire in roll and bars ranging from fi4mm to fi8mm
- light drawn square steel 6x6; 7x7; 8x8; 9x9; 10x10; 12x12; 15x15; 18x18; 20x20.
- light drawn OK , as follows: OK4; OK5; OK10; OK14; OK18; OK24.
- production of light drawn steel for cutting of threads ranging from M5 to M30
-production of light drawn steel in a special dimension
-coating material service


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